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As we move forward adoption and implementation of the Positive Behavior Support model, we need to address the needs of students for whom universal interventions have not been sufficient. We often refer to this group of students as Secondary Prevention Level, Targeted Groups, or Yellow Students.  Nationally, the targeted group intervention has the greatest range of services and approaches being developed and tested. The Secondary Training consists of a core model that revolves around the Check In/Check Out (CICO)system. It requires the connection of students with adults in the school and a process for teaching and monitoring the students on an ongoing basis through the Behavior Education Program (BEP). In general, the research appears to support the following outcomes:

1. Typical schools can implement the model successfully

2. It appears to have the potential for positive academic and behavioral outcomes.

3. It would appear to reduce the number of students that would be considered for tertiary interventions

Expectations of School Teams that Attend Secondary Intervention Training:

· Improving behavior/school climate is one of your school’s top goals.

· School-wide PBS is in place (SET 80%)—School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) must be conducted in 2007-2008 school year.

· School has at least 7-10 students who are at-risk behaviorally and may benefit from a targeted intervention

· School has a system to organize and summarize office discipline referrals.

· School has one year of office discipline referral data including suspensions and expulsions.

· School can designate an individual, could be a paraprofessional, with job flexibility to serve as a check-in, check-out coordinator (at least 10-15 hours per week)

· School will gather outcome data on the effectiveness of the targeted interventions (e.g., daily points on contracts, intervention satisfaction questionnaires, fidelity of treatment implementation). This data will be turned in on a regular basis to the Louisiana PBS Project.

Additional Materials to Bring to the Training:

The goal of this training is for teams to leave with products and materials to be ready to implement targeted interventions in their school. For this reason we ask that you bring the following materials/supplies:

· Laptop computer and extension cord (at least one per team)

· Any information on existing programs/resources in your school to support students (i.e., extra tutoring, after school support, volunteers, etc).

Your Secondary Intervention team is to be composed of 5 to 7 members and must include the following:

· Administrator

· Facilitator

· A representative from the Universal SWPBS team

· Pre-identified member whose schedule can be adapted to facilitate the check-in/check-out process

· At least one school-based person with behavioral expertise:

o Social worker

o School counselor

o Behavior interventionist

o Special education teacher

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